October/November 2008 novelty dip?

13 09 2008

In 2001 I lived less than a mile from the WTC and the entire neighborhood reeked of the foul stench of molten chemicals and 3000 bodies for 2 months after 9/11.   In August of that year, I was gazing at the twin towers from my roof during a meditation and I perceived a metaphysical yet distinct dark cloud surrounding the the tops of the buildings.  It really struck me because usually when I perceive non-material dynamics I futz and fiddle with them using my own forces of observation, opening up new perceptions or energetic resolutions, but this black halo was not budging.  My dreamscapes in the months preceding 9/11 were utterly dominated by dozens upon dozens of recurring, realistic nightmares of toppling and burning skyscrapers and myself falling from their heights.  Of course, I was very far from being alone in having such experiences.  The synchronistic prescience of the event (in dreams, movies, art, advertising, comic books) has been thoroughly documented so I won’t expound on that here, but one result of the countless reports of dreams like those I had was the formation of The Arlington Institute.  Reality Sandwich reports on an update from TAI which collects and interprets dream-data in the context of real-world events, which suspects anomalous incident(s) to occur in the next 60 days centered somehow in the US.

My dreams have been fairly uneventful the past few months so I have no direct insight to share but Benjamin Fulford, who correctly predicted the date for the major geo-political event of Georgia-Russia conflict back in June, claims a possibly serious economic based event (bankruptcy?) in the US to begin around Sept. 30th (recent article here and interview here).  Also very hot on the internet right now are the many videos concerning a Blossom Good Child’s channeling of aliens who say they will park a massive ship over Alabama for three days starting Oct. 14th to stir things up on the planet and strike some fear into the hearts of the dominator culture.

I’m not saying either of these claims are necessarily true but I definitely sense the boiling pressure of immanent and radical changes building up in the minds and hearts of many Geans.

Taking note of the critical nature of this temporal juncture (the turbulent US elections, LHC’s effect on the public’s interest in weird physics, increasing police-state & 9/11 truth awareness, hurricane season, events in Bolivia, Venezuela, Russia, Pakistan, Israel, Iran, etc) I decided to consult the trusty Timewave.  This did not abate my pronoia at all as the software (King Wen sequence – Kelley version) does predict we have a prominent dive into novelty beginning in October and continuing through till December.

See where habit peaks at the top of the image?   That’s Sept. 2008 and that downward nosedive into novelty is Oct./Nov.




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19 09 2008
David Steinberg

Hey I thought you might want to read this interview with Terrence McKenna. It really shows that his idea of the dominator culture is sexist, juvenile, and not grounded in reality.


I am intrigued by Terrence’s thought but its hard to find those who have read it critically. Gracie and Zarkov, a classic entheogenic duo, interviews Terrence McKenna.

29 09 2008

That is interesting b/c Luke Thomas on youtube is predicting an earthquake on Sept 30 or Oct 1/2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VTB-Yty6wo

10 11 2008

The novelty scale rising in november is quite true. Strange that November starts on Halloween night, a night renowned for paranormal activity (higher dimensional activity.) I had quite the vision on midnite of Halloween (the start of November.) It was what happens when things go wrong, when things keep going the way their going now. HELL IS LOWER DIMENSIONS. Its when fear and greed get the best of mankind and nuclear wars lead to retardation of mankind. That is hell. Lets change the direction everyone, and realize our transpersonal self. Its my belief (and knowledge) that since that night karmic law has been sped up, so we can learn a little bit faster.
Sorry what I say might seem like that of a “word soup.” But as I’ve found words cannot fully describe the magnitude of all this. I hope we all can relate somehow, as we should.

18 12 2008
2008: It’s a wrap! «

[…] It’s a wrap! 18 12 2008 Terry’s Timewave actually worked!  WoooOO!!  Let’s recap:  the UFO didn’t appear in Ala-bama but we […]

2 12 2009

I’m more interested in seeing how well Terence’s scale did on 9/11. I think that shouldn’t be so hard to find online, but apparently it is. If I could just see that, I think I could make a better judgement on how well his scale worked.

4 12 2009
Evan 057

There was definitely a massive flux between April 2001 and April 2002… [http://www.timewave2012.com/] …that being noted, I would imagine if the timewave (TM) (terence mckenna, trade mark) was real, it would be one particular angle of the pattern.

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