1992 Goa Party Footage

17 07 2008

For anyone nostaligic of early nineties Goa; A party in what I assume might be Anjuna or Disco Valley, India.  DJ Laurent is on the decks and you can see Goa Gill and Ollie Wisdom and some other trance personalities you might recognize out and about. Some beautiful tracks in there too.

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30 responses

12 08 2008

I wonder what it would be like if this music was played at a party now…

4 09 2008

That kinda music is still played ..
– well , not exactly that kind of music .. but Psychedelic (mostly known as psytrance) is huge in places like israel, brazil, mexico and so on .

10 09 2008

that party took place at maharashtra north to goa on full moon of 3\4 of 1992
that was tha gratest party ever been in goa. ask the old .

21 10 2008
appi amsterdam

wonder where to find music from that time. Had no idea of the names of those bands…. Great time, golden years….

24 10 2008

…….It’s not my style to miss the old days … BUT … I would love to be dancing again in that GOA…..!!! ……….Yes, it was the one of the greatest……!

26 10 2008

thanks for sharing these experiences ….. it’s great !

7 11 2008
Michele de Candolim

Nostalgia………….we were sooo lucky & privileged to know THAT Goa !

24 03 2010

Are you the Michele from Italy? Where you staying together with
Gigi and I forgot the name some other guy from Napoli?

6 03 2012

Hallo Michele, do you remember me, I am Trix from Switzerland…

9 11 2008
Judy sunshine

We were truly fortunate to experience the Goa of that time! Although often imitated in Goa and around the planet, , the total experience of THOSE parties (the 80’s and early 90’s) will never again be relived…I count my blessings to have been a part of that amazing culture! I still live the music and the memories in my blood!
Thanks for sharing the video!

9 11 2008

i still remeber that party! sonia was 18moths old, sleeping overnight with that music, her 1st party in goa… one of greatest one.
thanks for sharing the video! (but who could think to film that time?? :)

15 11 2008
Penny Ohana

Dont make them like that anymore! That was an historic time starting in the late 60s and blasting right through 3 decades! Generations grew up calling that home!

16 11 2011
Earthman Mur

Penny, please search for: 8 Finger Eddie free bio
for the 250-page biography I wrote about the life of Eight Finger Eddie
with 101 photographs. You invited me to your reunion.
My email address is Earthfreaks247@Gmail.com

Goa Gil and Tobias Moss star in the story also.

Much love, Earthman Mur

13 02 2009

Goa’s DJ Laurent =! Laurent Garnier, FYI.

30 03 2009
Mango Shade

One away footage for sure. Filming never welcome back then so must be rare as hen’s teeth. This captures a very special space and energy. Enormous gratitude for the sharing of this and the memories triggered. DJ Laurent ( an early ’80’s pioneer of Goa ‘special music’) and Laurent Garnier are not one and the same btw.

23 07 2009
dave mothersole

fantastic vid. i was i goa for the 86/87 and 87/88 seasons and it was a huge influence on my life. loved it. fantastic time – brilliant music.

i’m still in contact with a few people from those days, but i’m searching for old laurent tapes. i have a few that i’ve transfered to mp3 that i will gladly share with anyone. so if you have any old tapes from that time – laurent, stefano – or just wanna hear the ones i have, please get i contact.

thanks in advance,



29 08 2009

Hi Dave,

I’d love to get a copy of the tapes you have! Can u pls contact me at treetribe@gmail.com if you read this.. thanks!

29 08 2009

Some legendary footage in those clips.

This party as someone mentioned was held just north of Goa in a fort in the state of Maharashtra in India. The guy behind the decks is a DJ Laurent. This is NOT Laurent Garnier. The DJ Laurent in this party video has been a long time (and current) resident of Goa and is something of a mystical legend among todays “famous” artists (Etnica, GoaGil, Space Tribe – all of whom can be seen in the video) who went to Goa in the early ’90s and blew their minds. In those days mixing was a tough job with two cassette decks and alot of cutting and pasting from one tape to another.

TOP VIDEO, Kudos DJ Laurent !

3 11 2009

wow what lovely comments about our formative years in our beautiful garden.I can report that all is still going on there but of course no comparison with
laurent and that time.im happy to know that I shared that time with you all.Hi Midoly hope you hav,nt forgotton Bill and all the old faces of THAT TIME,even though we were never that close it seems like we were one and the same.I always get a huge buzz whenever I see old friends from that time if you look carfully at the maharashtra 1992 vid you will se us all beside Laurent taking care of him and making sure he has battries for the walkman and a pipe to smoke.im with thw blue shirt busy around the d j place with vito danilo darren jon lapen and many many more wow my memory banks are going crazy hope to see u there soon b

3 11 2009

hi humi yes indeed it was a fantastic party one of the best but THE best im not too sure .the year before this one on thhe 28 feb was my birthday party on anjuna down near the flea market by the well also with laurent and gil playing together for me that was also the best but i would say that wouldnt i.in those days it seemed every party was the best.but for me my birthday in 1991 was my 7chakra and imade special firework with help from a a lot of friends and always for me will be the party of my life.of course im always hoping to have a better one before growing too old an if you all are there will make it double special be lucky and go with love and light

3 11 2009

was bill

27 11 2009

Thankyou soooo much for sharing. Being in the psy scence for some ten years, seeing this is truely amazing. Nothing I’ve ever experienced could come close to a party like that!

20 12 2009

I’m still addicted. Living in Baga from October to February 91-92, expiriencing these forever best parties ever. Sometimes I wish to meet some of these people again. For example Alex, a french guy, because of him I’m juggling. Or Linda, an american girl studying psychology at that time. I think I saw her at a party in germany, but i was mindfucked that time and she looked like a junkie, hope she found her way back. Or many others I forgot the name (maybe I find some in my diary). I lost the track, lost the music, but since one year I’m back – at least in mind and with some music i found at the goa head compilation. Hope to find parties at least close to that, but don’t have a lot of hope.
Can someone tell me where I should go? Maybe Vuuv-Festival? Or even tell me some music I should get.
I love that old style of music and people. modern psytrance, as far as I found up to now is not the same. I’m still in love with that time.
Someoe said that’s in Maharashtra, I thought it was Anjuna and was searching myself and people I know, but I couldn’t.
Thanks for giving my memories some more pictures.

20 07 2010

Thank you for sharing this. I luv Trance!

29 10 2010

thanks to everyone that were at this party for making it a wonderful unforgetable experiance.special thanks to Vittorio and danillo laurant and jean and all the people who were dancing like there was no tomorrow.petje af and happy i was there

19 11 2010

Looks like Disco Valley ( small vagator) on the ledge and where the palms are.

2 04 2011
2 04 2011
Evan 057

thanks, i’ve updated the videos :)

29 04 2011

I still feel this music under my skin and i remember so many nice people from this partys.Helo to Ute,kiki,horhe and to all spaggeti beach from this times.
peace love energy

28 10 2011

Wow I read this comments.. And remember so many names of people I met. Michele, Gigi, Ute, Vittorio and of course Laurent of the early eighties. It was wonderful.
Trix from Switzerland

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