Kitty Crack

28 10 2007

Potent catnip extract instructions. Create your own cat army and rob banks with them. The link says that “Pure nepetalactone [the active ingredient in catnip] has been studied on cats extensively” and is apparently safe to cats. But then again, THC and LSD are physically safe and we all know what happens when you overdo it on pot-food or blotter sheets. …not fun.
Animal abuse is very un-trippy. Basically I am only posting this because it is humorus, so DON’T DO IT! (unless you and your cat are totally insane in which case it is you duty to post your tweaked kitteh trying catch invisible butterflies on youtube.) DON’T!!!
LINK > > DIY Kitty Crack

How does Catnip work pharmacologically? click here: bookofjoe

Talk to your cat about catnip.

To see stark depravity of this terrible scourge, watch this 2 minute video:




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