Jews Against Zionism: Israel Should Not Exist

12 02 2007

This clip was from about six months ago. I know it’s Fox News (Fakes News) but it’s intersting nonetheless:

UPDATE:  The video was taken down by Fox, but there are many other passionate videos from these folks online.   And here’s their website:

Jews are not Zionists and Zionists are not Jews. Zionism is a branch of the ‘new world order’ specifically designed to lead Jews astray and use them as a manipulation base to serve the ends of creating a global government. Israel is a Zionist state and not a Jewish state at all. The Jewish people are being tricked into becoming another holocaust (being a sacrifice) upon the altar of the new world order.

“Behold I will make them of the synogogue of satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie.” Rev 3 v.9

Jews United Against Zionism

Words from Noah’s Ark Blog.




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13 02 2007

I don’t see how your statement above has to do with the Fox News interview. This seems like your personal opinion and as an Israeli Jewish I can’t really relate to it. Zionism doesn’t negate Judaism and vise versa. Zionism began as a movement in Eastern Europe that foresaw the coming of WW2 and the holocaust and encouraged Jewish people to build a country in which they would be safe. My Zionist grandmother and her sister were the only survivors out of a family of 11 in Poland. My Zionist grandfather was the only survivor out of a family of 9 in Russia. All my other relatives who were not active Zionists stayed behind and died in the Nazi concentration camps!

13 02 2007
Kakulja Evan

That group of Jews represented on the interview are obviously a small, subversive minority with controversial views. What you said is true but often there is also some truth to the ‘conspiracy theories’ that play out behind the scenes of the world stage. Essentially what the Rabbi was saying was true, that Zionism is secular, political movement in relation to a religious one (Jewish) and there there is some conflict inherent in their core philosophies.
Douglas Rushkoff, who has written acclaimed books abouts psychedelics, rave culture, science fiction, business, media and propaganda, has recently published a book about Judaism called,

Nothing Sacred: The Truth About Judaism.

It is being praised as the best contemporary book on the subject out there by esteemed members of the Jewish community. I haven’t read it but I believe it deals with a related subject to this. And about the meaning of the religion.
(I have read and loved other books and articles by him. He also recently gave a dialogue/lecture along with Daniel Pinchbeck in NYC.)

Check it out!!

13 02 2007

this is a very serious issue, but i don’t see where it fits into the theme of this blog…
i hope this isn’t a direct reflection of your views and more an opening up for discussion…? hmmm…

14 02 2007
Kakulja Evan

While entheogens used shamanistically may reveal aspects of personal or transpersonal future to us, there are probably few of us here who have any clear-cut ideas or prophecies concerning the conflicts surrounding the Crescent Valley and her dominant lineages. (If there are, I urge you to share and speak up! Don’t be shy!) That’s why I am interested in all skeptical, conspiratorial, mystical, mathematical, conservative or radical insights into the ‘End Times’ as they coincide with the Information Revelation.
So yes, I will bring up political and societal topics in this blog. As for fitting in to the theme of Entheogenic Reformation; the desire for ‘peace’ (in the Middle-East, D.C., Africa, Europe, Asia, the Americas) is inextricable with psychedelic use.
And if you adhere or are intrigued by the Wassonian theory of all religion, then the religious wars are completely in our domain of interest.

14 02 2007
Kakulja Evan

Just to clarify: I don’t have any specific agenda concerning this sort of thing, and yes, I just bring it up as something to contemplate/discuss. And apologies to Yariv and anybody else that may have found that post offensive.

18 02 2007

Hey Evan,
Just to Clarify 2: I wasn’t offended at all by the post. I only wanted to comment that the written text isn’t directly related to the Fox News item.

Keep posting interesting stuff! Your blog is one of my favorites!


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