Incredible psychedelic comic

20 12 2006

via Machine-Elf:
This story is what got me first interested in psychedelics back in 1985 and still resonates. I’ve never seen another comic that captures the quintenessence of psychedelics, while having a great story, and perfect dialogue. Writer Alan Moore went on to write Watchmen and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen before Hollywood butchered it… and had written V for Vendetta. He’s on par with Shakespeare.
I scanned my only copy, and spent hours adjusting the colors, brightness, and contrast so it looks better in some ways than the original. You may have to fiddle with screen resolution a bit, but every word should be read as therein lies the genius. The writer has an interesting style where he connects the pages with words that allude to other places in the
storyline, pure delight for associative thinkers.
The art is good too. The easiest way to view is to select View Slideshow, set delay for 5 seconds, and press Pause and Resume to advance each page. Max up the page (in the box in the upper right, go the highest that fits your screen. The View FullScreen works OK for Mozilla but Internet Explorer loads it slowly, once there press space to pause, space again to play.
You won’t be sorry.

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    One response

    15 01 2007

    Hey man great comic indeed however the link doesn’t work any more..

    Fortunately I had saved the pics , so I have zipped them and uploaded them..

    :: ::

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